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We recognize the importance of air quality on human health. We are the licensed distributor for BlueN products in the United States of America and are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and also the line of BlueN products.

One of our top priorities in life has been to strive to maintain a healthy environment for ourselves and our family. We have found this to be an ever increasing battle due to the environmentally damaging effects of industrialization which has continued to impede the ability of the people of our plant to live a healthy lifestyle. 

The contamination of our earth’s air through industrialization in our cities and its further spread throughout the world has taken a deepening toll on the health of earth’s people. The ever increasing pollutants in our atmosphere continue to compound daily.

One of the key components of our sustenance on earth is contained in the purity of the oxygen we breathe. Our body’s ability of regenerate itself is based on the quality of air. Yet, the quality of the air we breathe has rapidly declined since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The average person has had little opportunity, if any, to control the deterioration in air quality and been virtually forced to breathe contaminates that permeate the atmosphere on our planet. 




BlueN Co., Ltd. - Manufactuer

BlueN is a research and also manufacturing company and has been on the cutting edge of developing new technologies in LED Anion lighting and air purification for 10 years. BlueN has developed and patented their technologies in the United States and has obtained world-wide patents as well. 

BlueN’s LED Anion lighting technologies couple together LED lighting and air purification. The BlueN technology embedded in the light fixture results in the production of negative ions (anions) which are emitted into the air and eliminate smokes, odors, and harmful effects found in the air we breathe.  

BlueN’s accomplishments and numerous awards in LED lighting research and air purification, through the production of anions, and resulting health benefits are very impressive. Numerous BlueN product lines are in worldwide use.  BlueN's products utilizing their patented air purification technologies are highly acclaimed for their positive contributions toward health. 

We are pleased to bring the BlueN product line to consumers in the United States, so they can have ready access to BlueN products to take steps to enhance their health. We have been sold on the air purification products of BlueN and hope others will utilize the health improving aspects of BlueN products to increase their health and that of their family members.

As an astute consumer, your own experience with BlueN products will bring you to the same conclusion we and others have regarding the enormous health benefits of BlueN products. 
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