Infrared + Negative Ion Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy and Skin Rejuvenation: I-MIMO [BN351]

$ 99.99

    • I-MIMO for Skin Care is proven to minimize wrinkles and enhance collagen production by stimulating cellular regeneration utilizing infrared LED and pure anion (negatively-charged ion)technologies. It helps you look years younger and get that glow back without harsh chemical treatments or invasive surgical procedures. Within weeks, you can see the benefits of regenerated healthier, younger and beautiful skin!

      Effects of I-MIMO

      • Helps maintain naturally beautiful skin
      • Pampers, hydrates, and prepares the skin to receive maximum anti-aging benefits
      • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
      • Improves skin elasticity and clarity
      • Stimulates fibroblast which promotes the production of collagen and elastin
      • Increases skin's moisture retention and elasticity
      • Smoothes the texture of the skin by balancing uneven skin tone and lightening age spots, sunspots and discoloration
      • Provides powerful antioxidant protection
      • Reduces acne redness and inflammation by strengthening immunity
      • Hastens recovery from fatigue

      Keep Your Skin Healthy and Young!

      NASA's Space Program initially researched infrared LED light therapy and has proven that it increases energy inside cells and speeds up the healing process. Infrared LED Light Therapy Clinical studies also have proven that skin cells grow twice faster when exposed to certain LED light wavelengths, delivering powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue.  I-MIMO utilizes infrared LED light technology for extremely deep skin penetrations and skin healing while pure anions increase metabolism rate and blood circulation. Once the infrared LED ray penetrates into the deeper layer of our skin along with pure anions, it enhances cellular metabolism, accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, increases blood circulation, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastins without any pain. It will quickly start to reverse and control the visible signs of aging. I-MIMO for Skin Care is the first and only patented product in the market of its kind that combined the benefits of infrared LED ray and negative ions (anions) to help healthier and younger skin. Includes 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee!


      • I-MIMO
      • 100-240V Power Adapter
      • Travel Vehicle Charger
      • Instruction Manual


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    • What is infrared LED ray?

      Infrared LED ray is composed of spectrum between .8 micro meter and 1.4 micro meter, which is most commonly used for wrinkles, anti-aging, and healthier skin treatments, thus generally used in medical applications. Since infrared LED ray has a much shorter wavelength, the penetration level into our skin is 12 times deeper than infra-far ray.

      What is an anion?

      An anion is a negatively charged ion that is biologically beneficial and produced mostly in wilderness areas. Most people feel revitalized immediately when they are in the forest or stand next to a waterfall because these places are filled with anions. When anions are absorbed into the human body, they provide many positive health benefits. 

      What are benefits of anions? 

           Air Purification:  
      • Eliminate of toxic gases and bad odors 
      • Eliminate organic waste materials such as cigarette smoke 
      • Remove micro dust 
      • Reduce dust mites

         Health Improvement:

      • Strengthen immunity
      • Increase blood circulation and metabolism
      • Relieve asthma & allergies
      • Hasten recovery from fatigue
      • Improve concentration

         Protection Against Viruses: 

      • Kill viruses in the air including H1N1
      • Sanitize, destorying 99.9% of bacteria
      • Sterilize germs and molds
      • Stop electromagnetic waves

      Who can benefit from I-MIMO?

      Both men and women of any age, color, and any skin type can be treated with infrared LED lights and pure anions. 

      Is infrared LED light treatment safe?

      I-MIMO for Skin Care provides comfort and relaxation. It is gentle, non-invasive, nonabrasive, painless, safe and  extremely no down time after treatment. It is safe for any age, color, and skin type, and it can be used on any part of the body such as face, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, etc.

      When will I see results?

      Depending on treatment time, noticeable changes are generally seen within 30-45 days. The skin continues to get healthier and younger as long as you continue to use the light. A number of people see some results after just a few days of use. However, each person responds at different speeds depending on their age, skin condition, diet, physical condition, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, etc.

      Is it guaranteed to work?

      I-MIMO for Skin Care is an incredible value compared to similar treatment in spas, salons and doctor's offices. It's unbelievably inexpensive compared to Botox, chemical peels, laser procedures, micro-dermabrasion, and plastic surgery. Infrared LED lights with anions provide an anti-aging solution that is healthy for your skin! Includes 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee!

    • NASA Light-Emitting Diode Technology Brings Relief In Clinical Trials - NASA: Nov. 13,2003
      "LEDs provide light for plants grown on the Space Station as part of commercial experiments sponsored by industry. Researchers discovered the diodes also had many promising medical applications, prompting NASA to fund this research as well, through its Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Biologists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light from LEDs, which is energy just outside the visible range, grow 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by such light. The light arrays increase energy inside cells that speed up the healing process..." read article

      Beyond Lasers: Pulse-Light Therapy for That Fantasy Face - WebMD: July 27, 2000
      "It's not as if Tina Huoso needed a face-lift. At age 31, she was essentially wrinkle-free. A handful of superficial acne scars, reminders of her teen-age years, were just about her only blemishes. But the brown sun blotches that began appearing on her forehead, and especially one above her lip, made Tina self-conscious..." read article