Plug-In Anion Car Air Purifier and Negative Ion Generator [BN502]

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  • Key Benefits 






    Negative Ion

    Produces beneficial negative ions [anions] to purify the contaminated air you breathe in your car. Learn More >>

    Airborne Bacteria Elimination

    Destroys up to 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses using highest negative ionization, producing 1.5 million anions per cubic cm per second.

    Smoke & Odor Elimination

    Naturally eliminates unpleasant odors including cigarette smoke, toxic exhaust gases, chemically-treated interior construction materials odors, chemical residue, odors, and other harmful chemicals without chemically-formulated space deodorization.






    Air Purification

    Emitted negative ions [anions] cleans the air naturally to create your own "Fresh Air Zone" while driving on the road. 

    Dust Reduction 

    Reduces 70% of dust mite, allergens, and harmful fine particle (PM 2.5) in your car. Captures particles as small as 0.005 microns. Learn More >>


    High Quality Standard

    BlueN's Anion Generation Technology and its benefits have been proven by official test institutions around the world. CE, FCC, KC, UL, U.S. Patent certified.


    Negative Ion [anion] 

    Purifies Contaminated Air 

        • Kills viruses in the air
        • Sanitizes 99.9% of airborne bacteria
        • Naturally deodorizes air by eliminating
      1. cigarette smoke
      2. toxic exhaust gases 
      3. chemical residue


      Anion LED VS CFL Light Bulb Smoke Eliminating Test

      Negative Ion [anion] 

      Reduces Harmful Fine Particles (PM 2.5) in Air

        • Relieves asthma & allergies
        • Alleviates the symptoms of cough 



            Negative Ion [anion] 

            Provides Many Health Benefits

              • Purifies blood cells
              • Increases blood circulation
              • Increases metabolism


                  Negative Ion [anion] 

                  Reduces Fatigue, Stress & Stuffiness During A Long Driving




                        Negative Ion [anion] 

                        Improves Concentration While Driving

                          • Relieves weariness
                          • Prevents drowsiness



                            1. Due to constant exposure to road fumes, exhaust, and other hazardous pollutants while driving, the air in your vehicle is seriously contaminated. The Anion Car Air Purifier can create your own "Fresh Air Zone" filled with negative ions [anions] while you are driving on the road. It is adapted to plug in to the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle, and it is energy efficient designed with no generation of harmful ozone and electromagnetic wave. The Anion Car Air Purifier works in minutes to neutralize toxic exhaust gases, dust, chemically-treated interior construction materials, chemical residue, odors, cigarette smoke, mold and harmful bacteria that may be contaminating your breathing space while driving. The anion generator technology has received the World and U.S. Patents and has been proven in many laboratory tests conducted at leading universities and scientific research institutes that this product does kill 99.9% bacteria, pathogens, odors, toxic gases and other airborne and surface contaminates in minutes.  It produces 1.5 millions of anions per cubic centimeter. It is recommended to turn on for 24/7 in the vehicle, since it consumes almost NO electricity, while continuously generating large quantities of anions. The Anion Car Air Purifier by BlueN is the most effective, most reliable, most scientifically-acclaimed, best-designed, and highest anion output device of its kind available anywhere!

                              • Provides cleaner, healthier air in your vehicle
                              • Kills 99.99% bacteria, allegrens, and numerous viruses
                              • Prevents drowsiness and reduces fatigue during a long drive
                              • Provides numerous health benefits by absorbing anions
                              • Silent, filter-less, and fans-less
                              • Easy to maintain
                              • Life: 46 years (Based on 3 hrs/day usage)
                              • Ozone Free / Cation Free/ Radiation Free/ Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Free
                              • 1-year mfr. limited warranty
                              • Made in Korea


                                    • Technical Specs

                                      Power Used


                                      Anion Output

                                      Manufacturer Warranty


                                      Safety Approval

                                      1.8 W

                                      40,000 Hours

                                      1.5 millions per cubic cm

                                      1 Year


                                      UL, CE

                                      Rated Voltage

                                      Voltage Range


                                      Assembled Height

                                      Assembled Width

                                      Assembled Weight

                                      DC 12V 140mA

                                      AC 100 - 240 V


                                      8.0 in

                                      2.3 in

                                      3.0 oz

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